How you can beat science

Chill it's only chaos

As soon as I was exposed, I was hooked.

It was there to get me the answers…to solve a problem by the simple start of guessing at why something was happening and then trying to prove it with a detailed protocol, documenting everything along the way. It was all so functional (and it helped me focus my scattered brain)

Science. Even considering the imperfect human application of it by scientists, with their biases and competitiveness, science will slowly discover the underlying reality of life. After more and more results, opinions and biases are squashed, pounded down by waves of unrelenting discoveries. Not statistics, which can be used to manipulate a perspective towards a biased agenda, but actual experiment-driven results.

Science simplifies things from the ego-muddled human mind. It drags us along with its data regardless of favoritism or money-influences.  Its story changes as we discover things. It doesn’t use dogma to force any truth upon our life. In fact, it leaves truth to be found by ourselves.

Science makes no claims to truth.

Science is a continual process of learning and revision: Guess, test, results, conclusion. Then repeat. As for Truth…the truth about living, the meaning in your life…these human truths are left to us.

The terrifying question of Why?

Why are we here?  After all the discoveries of the natural world around us, this question leaves us naked and exposed. No matter how much we learn about the world, we will always be left to ponder the meaning of our life in it.

Science doesn’t care about our feelings, but in the end, our feelings will determine whether our life means anything, and how to spend this short time we are alive.

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