Would you rather get flattery or gifts?

Doing favors for others guilts them into reciprocating. It’s hardwired, or maybe it’s learned, but regardless, it’s behavioral science.

It leads me to think about my partners’ gifts to me, because their flattery is hard to recall.

One partner left a meaningful book, The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Another left a tiny, gold-plated picture frame with three words simply scrawled in pen on white paper: “I love you”

Another, a heartfelt note.

Another, a battery-powered, vibrating cock-ring…admittedly, that was mutually-beneficial.

The point being…does the sentimental value of the gift matter if you don’t have any memorable compliments?

Which holds more significance?

2 thoughts on “Would you rather get flattery or gifts?

  1. It is always the thought behind the gift that counts. No matter the cost, just that you were on a person’s mind enough that they gave you a gift. So ironically the words or actions of the giver are more important than the actual gift because it is the thought that counts.

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