Sides don’t evolve

I don’t like choosing sides
They’re fixed and oppressive,
positioned perfect in their face-off
across space to counter the other.
Separated by sharp edges
sides angled at the other sides.

But I prefer no edges
and instead a happy sphere
Moving easily over the bumps.
A sphere, smooth and continuous,
integrating all observations thoughtfully.
This is how life is made.

What is truly right?
always done, every time?
Few things.
Life is a myriad of situations,
some when selfish force is justified,
some when patience
and turning the other cheek is better.

Yet we find ourselves on some side
because sides are clear and easy
and require only reaction
rather than thought.

Our side has reassuring dimensions,
in a dimensionless world
with infinite variables and contexts.
Sides give us order from chaos
so we may live simply.

But sides don’t work
when you’re trying to move,
when you’re trying to progress.
Sides don’t work when you’re trying to evolve.

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