The obstacle is the way


(30 second read)

Everyone is desperate for something. And that’s where their weakness is.

Whether desperate for a mate, a job, a car, shoes, sex, or simply control over everything…this is where our weakness is, because this is what lowers our quality of life.

Desperation is anxiety that gnaws at your happiness. It distracts you from the things going on in your life. Anxiety degrades your immune system and ages your body prematurely.

But a little desperation?…That will motivate. It prevents complacency, and poverty, and loneliness. It drives you to GET SOME…to support yourself, to get the income you deserve and the beautiful relationships that make life worth living.

Ryan Holiday said, “The obstacle is the way.” Where is your obstacle…that leaves you wanting, but never satisfied? This is your way to satisfaction. Sounds like a silly paradox, but it’s not.

What’s silly is not addressing what ails you.

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