Which is the focus? Your Flesh, Breath, or Mind?



(1 minute to read)

“Whatever this is that I am, it is a little flesh, and breath, and the ruling part. Throw away your books; no longer distract yourself: it is not allowed; Instead, as if you were dying right now, despise your flesh. It is blood and bones and a network of nerves, veins, and arteries.

See the breath also, what kind of a thing it is, air, and not always the same air, but every moment sent out and again sucked in.

Finally, there is the ruling part: consider this: You are an old man; no longer let the mind be a slave, no longer be pulled by the strings like a puppet to selfish impulses, no longer either be dissatisfied with your present lot, or shrink from the future.”

-Marcus Aurelius (from Meditations)

Follow me and I will take you away from the everyday.

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