“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”


Realize that there is a world out there where things have evolved under circumstances so different than our world, where there is a nature that is not our nature.

Because the universe is so so vast, the odds are that these other worlds must exist. Being created as we speak right now. Many worlds, containing so many things, like, ecosystems, life, technologies…

But these other worlds are so alien from our own, I wonder if we could even recognize them? Would they exist in a place which requires a perspective our minds have not learned yet?

Would they exist in different states, flitting between quantum worlds so we can only see them momentarily in the world we are tuned to? Does Mars, or even closer, the moon, contain these worlds, and we simply don’t have the tools and mindset to see them yet?

The frontier of the universe is more than going places, physically moving through space in some vessel or looking through the viewfinder of a telescope or microscope. Travelling this frontier is about realizing what may be, and creating new tools to see them. It’s about discovering new states of existing that we cannot even dream about. Yet.

Layered states, working independently but existing at once: Worlds set into worlds set into other worlds, like nesting Russian dolls, where we go from one set of laws, to another set of another laws, each inconsistent with the next, but working in some cooperation so that all the world co-exist, each in plain sight, or completely invisible until someone breaks the barrier our minds have maintained, and then humanity can stream into this new place, as if we knew it was there all along, and how silly for our ancestors to not have realized these things are existing right there in front of us, or more radically, existing inside of us all along, like bacteria in our gut. Or an ability to travel without leaving our physical shells.

Now that is a lesson in humility. And human potential.


Follow me and I will take you away from the everyday.


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