Fasting may regenerate your immune system


I’m almost done with Day 1 of my three day fast. My stomach has begun to twist and groan in rebellion. But I am strong, and the more it struggles, the stronger I become. It’s not only a test of will, a training of the mind, but it is likely doing biological good.

Fasting not only cleans out your intestines of the rotting stuff that’s  been sticking around from a society of calorie excess, but it may  also refresh your immune system cells.

Each cell is a  little factory that takes in food and expels waste, just like you.  When they get old, they start falling apart and need cleared, but the  body doesn’t clear those broken down cells all at once.

My  hypothesis is that when your body is cleaning  out its cells, it scavenges energy by recycling them into fuel.  This explains, in part, the peculiar energy boost I get as I near the 24 hr mark.

The clearing prompts your body to make new cells, fresh and strong, replacing the old worn out ones, which was found to be true in immune system cells of rats after 3 days of fasting.

We don’t  get stronger without challenging our body, or our mind, right?

The  stress of fasting is beneficial. So bring a little stress into your life.

Good stress.

Our bodies and minds are mismatched  to this life of calorie-excess. It’s time to take control and reset our practices which are bringing us harm.

Follow me and I will take you away from the everyday.

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