“Words are the freezing of reality”

Before Timothy Leary died 16 years ago today, he said:
“Words are the freezing of reality”

Words are a snapshot and I capture an idea with my words. I have peeled it and presented it to you. For you, I have created something. I took what wasn’t there and made it whole. So these ideas, pop, I project them aloud, sending air vibrating, invading your brains. My idea, becoming your idea, a viral delivery that can now spread. Because although you may not embrace it, it is there. My words, your words, have that power, over the air or we paint them onto a digital canvas, smeared in bits and bytes, moving from computer to computer, mind to mind, until they find a dynamic equilibrium, shooting back and forth across a literal web, spiralling out through our culture.

A freezing of reality, indeed, but more… it is a freezing, thawing, and mass digesting at the speed of light, rearranged into something new, and then frozen again, ever spreading.

If only you could see what has happened to words, Mr. Leary. We, the people, we don’t have to just listen anymore. Now we can have a conversation. Now we can create something big.

If we want to.

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