One of life’s packages: no stability without volatility.

Buckley : Freedom breeds inequality. Unless you have freedom to be unequal, you have no such thing as freedom. 

Vidal : You’re going to have a revolution if you don’t give the people the things they want…They’re going to come and take it away from you. 

Both men are right.

Government’s role is not only to protect the basic and necessary freedoms for individuals so they can create, collect, and trade, but to also maintain stability, ensuring disparity does not grow to a level where class warfare puts the whole system at risk.

Ensuring stability is a tricky business, as any parent knows. How much do you protect your children before you’ve made them dependent on you, living under your roof because they’ve never been allowed to taste the failures and tribulations which allow them to grow into stable adults?

“One of life’s packages: no stability without volatility.”

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