How best to compromise your community

Gado on his back

I gave him a treat, and he settled down beside me and started crunching on it happily.

“Why did you give him another treat?” she asked.

“Because I want him to like me. He likes being fed.”

“But he’s fat.” she pointed out.

“It doesn’t matter,” I said. “He’s happy, for now, so I’m happy. I don’t want to be the bad guy, you know?”

Politicians don’t want to be the bad guy to the voters. So they will drive this American train until the bolts fly off before they put the brakes on the stock market boom. Bubbles and market crashes are irrelevant to them when they value being elected over taking care of America.

The solution?

Stop voting career politicians especially the ones with “Democrat” or “Republican” after their name. It is a fantasy to not expect corruption with the two parties which have established themselves in our minds as the only choices. The two party system is the ultimate special interest group!

And we keep putting them back into power and compromising our community.

Travel now. Later never comes.



“For some reason, we see long-term travel to faraway lands as a recurring dream or an exotic temptation, but not something that applies to the here and now. Instead -out of our insane duty to fear, fashion, and monthly payments on things we don’t really need- we quarantine our travels to short, frenzied bursts. In this way, as we throw our wealth at an abstract notion called ‘lifestyle’, travel becomes just another accessory –  a smooth-edged, encapsulated experience that we purchase the same way we buy clothing and furniture.”

Rolf Potts

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Fasting may regenerate your immune system


I’m almost done with Day 1 of my three day fast. My stomach has begun to twist and groan in rebellion. But I am strong, and the more it struggles, the stronger I become. It’s not only a test of will, a training of the mind, but it is likely doing biological good.

Fasting not only cleans out your intestines of the rotting stuff that’s  been sticking around from a society of calorie excess, but it may  also refresh your immune system cells.

Each cell is a  little factory that takes in food and expels waste, just like you.  When they get old, they start falling apart and need cleared, but the  body doesn’t clear those broken down cells all at once.

My  hypothesis is that when your body is cleaning  out its cells, it scavenges energy by recycling them into fuel.  This explains, in part, the peculiar energy boost I get as I near the 24 hr mark.

The clearing prompts your body to make new cells, fresh and strong, replacing the old worn out ones, which was found to be true in immune system cells of rats after 3 days of fasting.

We don’t  get stronger without challenging our body, or our mind, right?

The  stress of fasting is beneficial. So bring a little stress into your life.

Good stress.

Our bodies and minds are mismatched  to this life of calorie-excess. It’s time to take control and reset our practices which are bringing us harm.

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The secret formula to losing weight

Yoga gymnastics


A new CDC report states that obesity in the US has risen from about 34 to 37% over the last two years.


So, because this is becoming a real public health issue, I am releasing my SECRET FORMULA TO WEIGHT LOSS.

I have researched and tested this over the last twenty years. And I give it to you, for free, asking only that it’s used with the full devotion that it deserves.

Step one: Eat when you’re hungry

Simple sounding, but hold up: Eat when you’re hungry in the stomach, not in the mind. Hungry like you’re in the third world. Sip it, don’t pound it down (there isn’t a competing tribe swooping in to take your food). And STOP eating BEFORE you feel full.

Doing it? How’s it going?

Not losing enough weight with this? Add step two:

Step two: Cardio Intervals

These are alternating sprint pace with normal pace, on a treadmill, an elliptical, a row machine, a bicycle, etc.

Non-interval, long duration cardio has low impact on weight loss. Intervals are where it’s at. If you doubt it, look at the physiques of soccer players. Intervals is what they do all throughout their games. As a result their asses and bellies have reduced to muscular hunks of flesh, all the fat being run off.

But maybe you’ve got stubborn genes, and even the Intervals aren’t working for you.

Then we’ve got to add in Step 3.

Step 3: Weight lifting

Not just any weight lifting exercises though. The big muscle lifts which include your whole body: Squats and deadlifts. Throw out the bicep curl, tricep extension, shoulder press. They’re garbage for weight loss. Focus on the lifts that require your whole body to commit.

Now you’re doing all three: The first measure is daily, the second measure is twice a week, and the third measure is once a week.

Good luck!

Let’s all work together to make this a more healthy nation. A national health care single payer system is coming, and no one wants to be carried on the backs of the pay-ins by the healthy people, do they?

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The inevitability of war when we fear others


Almost every day is a time to think about why we are involved in war. How supporting violence may lead to more violence. How religions taking their scriptures literally feeds pride and righteousness and leads to violence. And how nationalism can lead to fear and then harming others in an effort to preempt war.

But Veteran’s Day is not about the reasoning for war. It’s about those people who are willing to sacrifice their time, well-being, or lives for those who do not, or cannot. In an effort to protect our nation, they put themselves in harm’s way.

Remember and respect these few who are willing and able to do so.

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You’re not supposed to make everyone around you happy

Are you happy, yes, keeping going, no, change something

You’re supposed to be yourself…and be happy about that.


drinking before yoga by alex gregory

Including alcohol, that old stalwart! Dependable, easygoing, accepted, but underestimated, destructive…yet pervasively allowed.  It’s how to unwind, right?

All drugs take you on a trip, not only the trippy ones. But it’s not a trip YOU take, because IT takes YOU. On a ride, passenger carried, like a babe…a clumsy child.

But a child has more presence than we do when we’re under the influence.

Sad that many times, we are trying to tap into that child’s mind, a presence which we have lost because of this complicated world.  An unhappiness we have allowed to invade and corrupt our hearts.

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Ideas first. Politics second.

Ideas first. Politics second.

Instead of finding government representatives who hold your ideals, find the citizens who do, and get behind them.

Real change is from us, and how we live our lives, not out legislators.
The biggest impact we make is through the ideals we use to live our lives.

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My treatise on religion (in 100 words)

American freedom and religion

There’s a GREAT lesson from the evil deeds done by ISIS (and by the Islamic Saudi Arabian government’s beheadings), a lesson which everyone can agree on, both Christians AND Muslims:

Following religious doctrine in its entirety goes against modern law which honors everyone’s freedom to live their life as they see fit without harming others.

Regardless of the fact that a doctrine DOES have good parts which encourage kindness, the parts which encourage hate and judgment and killing are part of the doctrine as well, and these parts throw the whole text into question.

Because how can only parts of the doctrine be holy when all the doctrine is considered to be the word of god?

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How to become more powerful than 99% of the population starting today


“Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all.

It produces no backlash, has no downside, and never leads to loss or despair.

It increases one’s own true power without exacting any toll.

But to reach maximum power, such kindness can permit no exceptions, nor can it be practiced with some expectation of some selfish reward.”

-David Hawkins

And in order to provide meaningful kindness, you’ve got to have something meaningful to give.


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