12AM. Downtown Los Angeles.


Cross traffic was stopped as he rolled up to the intersection. The beast was purring, belying the 620 hp turbo charged engine. It wanted to be released, and so did the driver who looked expectantly at the two officers who sat on their motorcycles. They checked with each other and then waved his Porsche GT2RS onto the main road, two more officers standing ahead and to the left, their motorcycles flashing blue and white lights, blocking the way of other cars. They allowed this car dominance, this creation of art and physics. This car, one of only 500 built, now owned the dark, twilight covered roads of downtown LA.

Its driver turned onto the straightaway they had cleared and quickly shifted through the gears, the car’s refined growl did not waver, but moved elegantly up and up, eating the open pavement of the city. It came to an intersection, downshifting into a screeching drift, deliberately leaving rubber onto another cleared road. The city, at least this section, was now his playground, negotiated by the producers of Top Gear and the authorities of one of the most wild municipalities in the United States. The police stood aside, if only for a short time, for this man-made beauty of form and function.

What a great episode.

Acceptance is not the endgame

the dude

There’s a big difference between contentment and resignation, but they’re often confused.

Are you waiting for others to reduce your pollution?


Despite the disagreement about human-influenced climate change, we should accept that we are polluting our environment to some extent. So instead of waiting on others to do something about it, what we can do? We the people? We are the consumers for whom industry pollutes, after all.

Would you move closer to work to drive less? Buy fewer things to reduce manufacturing and trucking pollution? Reduce or eliminate eating cows, pigs, and other livestock to lower their fart pollution? Grow some of your food? Buy a more fuel efficient car?

How about in your career? Would you go work for Solar City? How about do some research and start your OWN Solar City?!

Imagine the collective impact we would have if each of us made one major lifestyle change to reduce our carbon footprint.

I’m all for healthy debate, and taking an impassioned stand (after getting informed), but at the end of the day, you’ve got to ask yourself, “What did I do about it?”

The hysterical left, the heartless right, and the quiet, mindful middle


Both science and religion are led by humans, humans who are imperfect.  Although science is based on evidence-based analysis, and religion on non-testable doctrine, they are both swayed by the culture of the time period they are in. Religion was leading us more in the past, while today we lean on science and technology…wait, where’s my mobile? …Ahhh. There you are, my Precious.

The point being, when scientists discount the research results which do go against their beliefs, and keep the results which don’t, they are not being scientific anymore. Let me explain.

The basic method of science in order to prove a conclusion is to repeatedly test the result made by other scientists to try to replicate it. Over time, if the same result is repeatedly reached, and no different results come up to disprove it, then the conclusion is viewed to be proven. Albeit, temporarily proven, because as soon as any experiment gets a result different from the accepted conclusion, then the conclusion is thrown into question, and is no longer proven.

There is no science in saying, “Not all experiments have shown there is an association between the things we studied, but most of the experiments have, so we conclude that there is an association.”

This is not a scientific claim. When making such claims, these scientists have removed their white lab coats and have stepped outside of science and into the general population.

Science is not like faith: Faith cannot be disproven. Scientific conclusions can be disproven, and, in fact, that is what science is FOUNDED UPON.

Science should not be muddled with faith. And scientists should not be asked to make non-scientific conclusions, and if they do, it is our responsibility as the most informed public in the history of humanity, to recognize them as such.

Whatever the issue, if it is truly important to you, something that you are passionate about, and you want to take a strong stand on, then be curious, take the time, and discover the “why” to what you believe. The irony today is that those who may see themselves as science-minded are supporting non-scientific claims, simply because they came from scientists.

However well-intentioned the claim, it should not be accepted as science simply because it’s “the right thing to do.” It is not the place of science to make that judgment.

The authority figures in science and religion cannot be assumed to know the truth, especially when they make claims outside of the scientific method, when they bring their own bias in the data or doctrines they choose to follow to reach the conclusions they want to reach. BUT…

They will help you in your journey to the truth you seek. And It’s up to you to think for yourself to reach that truth.

Do not let the noise from the fringes sway you. Stay mindful.

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Probiotics are bogus


This, after researching probiotics and live culture food for nearly ten minutes on internet blogs, my dilettante conclusion is that the science is sketch.


I will continue to create kombucha because I take pleasure in the fruity and spicy tang. And if I stopped, I would drop from Hipster level 8 to Hipster level 5, which I will not abide.

And also, with all the ANTIBIOTICS that we eat in our meat, and that is over-prescribed and pass through our bodies and into our water supply, a little BIOTIC is bound to help our digestive bacteria population, right?


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The echo chamber is the ego’s home.

baby in womb

It’s warm and comforting not mingling with the other tribe, like when we were cavemen.

The echo-caveman-chamber is constructed by our unconscious doubts about our self. Leaving it means being challenged, and even being told we are wrong. But what’s wrong with that?

The ego doesn’t like it.

This chamber is like the mother’s womb that the ego wishes it had never left. But it would never admit that.

The umbilical is the chain that keeps us there and sustains our ego, but it holds us back from getting out of our comfort zone to grow.

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All together, our drops fill the bucket


Met a guy in IT today.

He told me some of his story.

He was in the military, and gets school paid for and a stipend

But since he makes enough money in his 9-5 and his wife works, too, and he gets a military pension, he uses his stipend to buy computers and give them to poor kids.

I left work inspired…and it’s been awhile.

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I own nothing.

Fight club TSA guy

The most valuable things I have come after I produce things for others.
Because then I get appreciation for those things.
The things are just means to an end: Getting valued.

What’s your high value thing that people will appreciate?

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Yeast makes bread, beer, and men

beer hot tub

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The boy at the sales counter picked up the can. “What’s this?” he asked his father.
“It’s to grow yeast,” his father said, as he paid for his things.
“Yee-ust?” the boy said.
“Yeast,” his father said.
“What’s that?” the boy asked.
The question hung in the air, as the clerks bagged the beers and said nothing. I waited a few seconds, hesitating, then said, “Yeast are living things, they’re really small, so you can’t see them, but they’re all around. They float in the air, and they can be on this counter top.” I patted the countertop.
The boy looked at me with simple amazement. Then he turned to his father, for some kind of confirmation or reassurance. The father was getting his receipt but stopped and nodded.
I continued: “Do you see when your food goes bad, and it gets black, or brown? That’s yeast and other small living things like it.”
“I’ve seen green stuff,” the boy said excited.
“Yes,” I nodded, “that’s yeast growing on the food, They’re eating the food.”
“Yes,” the father said, “There’s good yeast and bad yeast.” Then he grabbed his bags. “Say thank you.” he said.
The boy wasn’t paying attention. The father prodded him, and looked at me, “say thank you”. I was surprised he was telling the boy to thank me.
“Thank you,” the boy said distracted, still thinking over the idea of these invisible things that surround him.
“Thank you,” the father looked at me earnestly. “You’re welcome,” I told them.
And the two left.
And then I thought, I think I just blew that kid’s mind.
The child’s curiosity. Why did we lose it?

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Don’t worry. Try passion, instead.

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Busey worried

Worry is a form of pain.
Why do we so willingly cause ourselves so much pain?


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